Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Like a psychedelic magnet, the blue trees of Waugh Drive will pull you in.
Will you touch them?
Will you wander through the groves?
Will you ponder their meaning?
Or just accept them as art and have a picnic?
I happened to be driving by on the Saturday they were being painted.
I must say I was so surprised by the scene that I almost had a wreck!
If you're feeling a little 'blue', you might want to come on down and visit.
The art work is only temporary and will fade away in a few short months.
To find out more, just Google 
The Blue Trees by Konstantin Dimopoulos.
It's a short walk from the Whole Foods on Waugh Drive at Allen Parkway.
Be sure and tell me what you think.
It's a great place to take some senior photos!
Maybe we'll see you there.
Thanks for stopping by!

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